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The Catholic Foundation
Advisory Council

The work of The Catholic Foundation is further enhanced by a volunteer Advisory Council, a group of individuals recognized for their contributions to the Catholic community and members of the professional community of attorneys, accountants and other financial experts. In addition, most past chairmen of the Board of Trustees of The Catholic Foundation serve as members of the Advisory Council. Nominated by the Board of Trustees, Advisory Council members serve to increase the visibility and reputation of The Catholic Foundation in the community and add to the expertise available to the Foundation.

Lydia Haggar Novakov

Carol Atwell Ackels
Lawrence Ackels, Jr.
Dr. David Alameel
Thomas F. August
Glen A. Bellinger
Denny Beran
Santo Bisignano, Jr.
Fernando Blanco
Matthew Bowen
Jim Burnham
Regis W. Campfield
Al Cardenas, M.D.
Karen M. Carney
Luis D. Carrera
Raymond M. Chavez       Thomas W. Codd Jr. *
Barbara J. Coffman
Joseph M. Coleman
Marlyn Conrow
Carolyn Crutcher
Kevin M. Curley
Levy Curry
Mary Jo Dean
John Doke
Charlie Fechtel
Gregory J. Fisher
Dan Flaherty
Amy Fox
George R. (Read) Frymire
John Grimes Jr.
G. Michael Gruber
Michael D. Haddad
Charles M. Hansen, Jr.*
Robin P. Hartmann *
Rep. Will Hartnett
Joseph V. Hughes, Jr.
Bill Keffler
Margo Keyes
John B. Kiser

Walter N. (Nick) Kuntz III*
Joyce Lacerte
Leamon (Lee) Lafayette
Scotty Landry
Jerry Lastelick
Norma L. Longwell
Michael Lynch
Gail Madden
Michael F. Maguire
T.V. Mangelsdorf *
Nancy Cain Marcus
Colleen Martin
Sara Martineau
John D. McConnell, M.D.
Jerry McElhatton
Thomas E. Merkel *
J. Mitchell Miller
Bob Montgomery
Regina Montoya
Thomas J. Moore
Randall Muck
Terry Murphy              Thomas Nealon
Dr. Albert W. Niemi, Jr.
Daniel P. Novakov
Hubert J. (Hugh) O’Brien*
Neil J. O’Brien*
Scot O’Brien
Dan Odom
Mary C. Oliver
Kevin P. O’Meara
Dan O’Neal
Bill Orender
Geoffrey C. Orsak, Ph.D.
Nicholas P. Panza
Ed Ramirez, Jr.
Stephen C. Rasch
Thomas W. Reidy
Dwight Riskey
Marcos G. Ronquillo

Timothy P. Rooney
Len Ruby*
Andres Ruzo
Joseph E. Saar
M. David Saller
Gwendolyn Satterthwaite
C. Gregory Shamoun
Brian Shivers
Deacon Denis G. Simon
April B. Slovensky
Raymond G. Smerge
Bonnie Smith
Webb Sowden, Jr.*
Marianne H. Staubach
John L. Strauss*
Timothy P. Tehan
Mary Templeton
Michael F. Terry
Jere W. Thompson *
John M. Thompson
Wendy M. Traylor
Charles J. Tusa*
Michael J. Uhl
Thomas C. Unis, Jr.
David L. Van Buskirk 
Frank Ventura
Wm. Kim Wade
Patrick M. Walsh
Tucean Webb
Max A. Wernick
Joseph P. Wilbert, Jr.*
Laura Fox Williamson
Mark Wischmeyer
David A. Yost, CFP


*Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees

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