What is a Community Foundation

We are a trusted giving vehicle for the Catholic community that has faithfully and successfully served our donors and the Catholic community since 1955.

A community foundation is a type of foundation formed by broad-based community support from multiple sources: trusts, endowments, individual contributions, or private foundation grants.

A community foundation generally makes grants only within a specified geographic area and is governed by a board representative of the community it serves.

As a community foundation, The Catholic Foundation enjoys the tax benefits and spending flexibility afforded a public charity by relevant federal legislation and IRS regulations. It appreciates the efficiencies and cost savings realized by investing and managing in tandem charitable resources from many sources. And, as an established source of charitable funding, it possesses an unparalleled knowledge of ongoing and emerging community needs.

Taken together these advantages make philanthropy easy and powerful.

Why not give THROUGH The Catholic Foundation…

  • and join your friends and compound your charitable giving.
  • and make a bigger impact on your Catholic community.
  • to your favorite charities, Catholic or non-Catholic.
  • and create your legacy today.
  • to your parish endowment. Make a difference today and in the future.
  • and start changing lives today and continue changing lives in the future.
  • and enhance your giving with the help of trusted, professional stewards.
  • for greater benefits for the community, greater benefits for you.
  • become a part of giving that never ends.

Join your friends and compact your charitable giving.

Contact us today to find out how 972-661-9792 or info@catholicfoundation.com