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67 Things To Know About The Catholic Foundation

As we embark on our 67th year of existence, we’re excited about the future and the continuing positive impact The Catholic Foundation will have on our Catholic community and region.

Many know about the work of The Catholic Foundation from the grant recipients who receive funds thanks to the generosity of donors both past and present.

Others more recently have learned about us from our role as the ongoing presenting sponsor of the weekly televised Diocese of Dallas Sunday Masses that date back to Palm Sunday 2020.

What many people don’t realize is that we’re independent from the Diocese of Dallas and operate as a community foundation that promotes compassionate charitable giving and stewardship that serves donors and the community at large.

Despite the ongoing virus that influences how the public acts, our donors have stepped up and showcased their philanthropic spirit. Through their generosity, they have helped produce a record amount of assets that we manage and grant dollars that we have distributed in the past few years.

The footprint of The Catholic Foundation is far and wide. You’ll learn more about our impact in the most recent fact sheet that features a data point for each year of our existence in Dallas.

We invite you to follow us on our social media channels featured in the fact sheet, and encourage you to reach us when you sense it’s time to give back to your community and learn even more about The Catholic Foundation.

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