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The Catholic Foundation Continues As Presenting Sponsor of Televised Masses

Reports from churches throughout the Diocese of Dallas herald the good news of more in-person attendees.

But for thousands of local Catholics, sitting inside a church to participate in Mass - is not possible for various medical and health reasons.

That’s why we’re pleased to serve as the long-time presenting sponsor of the every Sunday televised Masses of the Diocese of Dallas dating back to Palm Sunday 2020.

If you’re new to the area, the Masses are presented in Spanish and English each week, but not meant as a substitute for people who simply don't want to get dressed and attend Mass in person. 

If you know people who are homebound, let them know about the ease of watching the televised Mass on TV. They air at 11 a.m. in Spanish on Univision, ch. 23, and in English on KDFI-My TV, ch. 7 or 27 depending upon your video service provider. The Masses are also livestreamed on the Diocese of Dallas Youtube page, and Facebook page,

The cost of producing the Masses is significant. And that's why we’re grateful to the many people who have donated to The Catholic Foundation on behalf of the Mass costs. If you’re interested in helping offset the cost of the televised Masses, you can do so online here:

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