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Work Of Heart Awards: Recognize The Extra Milers At Your Dallas-area Catholic School

As a long-time supporter of Catholic education, The Catholic Foundation is very pleased to recognize outstanding service at the Catholic schools located throughout the Diocese of Dallas.

If you know a full-time employee, working in any position at a Catholic school in the Diocese of Dallas, who provides outstanding service at your school, models a Christian/Catholic example and goes the extra mile for an individual student, family or the community, we want to recognize them through our Work Of Heart program.

Begun 18 years ago by two anonymous donors of the Foundation, we have honored nearly 1,350 full-time Catholic school employees with almost $800,000 in stipends and a certificate to publicly display.

Because our Work Of Heart nominations come from various people including administrators, educators, staff, students, parents families and others interested in Catholic education, our nomination process is simple.

Please visit or the Work Of Heart section of our website to submit a fillable nomination form in English or Spanish and obtain information about how to send nominations to us via email, fax or traditional mail.

The nomination process has already produced new Work of Heart winners for the current school year, and there will be a series of presentations to the winners in front of their peers during the remainder of the school year.

The unsung heroes at our Catholic schools go the extra mile and deserve additional support and recognition, so don’t delay and send in your Work Of Heart nominations soon.

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