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Over time, The Catholic Foundation has provided more than $247 million to various religious, educational and charitable organizations. Today, the Foundation houses more than 500 charitable funds and trusts and manages approximately $300 million in assets.

Matt Kramer,
President and CEO of The Catholic Foundation

A message from the president

Welcome to The Catholic Foundation! I hope you find our website instructive and informative as you contemplate ways to ensure your current charitable giving makes the greatest impact, and/or that your favorite charities will continue to benefit from your generosity long after you have passed away.

Giving to and through The Catholic Foundation is for you, it's easy and it's for others.

Over the years, The Catholic Foundation has provided more than $247 million in grants to religious, charitable and educational organizations in our Dallas Catholic community and various Catholic and secular charitable organizations across the country.

Whether it's an annual gift or a bequest, The Catholic Foundation is a vehicle for donors to give to their existing favorite charities.


Why not give through The Catholic Foundation? Join your friends and compound your charitable giving. Start changing lives today and continue changing lives in the future.

Why? Let me give you three compelling reasons:

By using the Foundation for your charitable giving, you still impact the charities most important to you—through The Catholic Foundation—while also impacting the monies that help address the ever changing needs in our Catholic community. We help amplify the impact of your traditional giving to include some of the neediest and pressing projects here at home.

The Catholic Foundation protects donor intent—we ensure gifts for specific projects or purposes are carried out. The Catholic Foundation can accept various types of assets, i.e. stock, land, IRAs, insurance policies, etc as a charitable donation that will maximize your tax deduction.

We handle all of the administration of grantmaking to make the most effective use of your charitable dollars and can even make anonymous gifts on your behalf.

Philanthropy can be practiced by everyone, not just the wealthy. Thank you to all our existing donors and those who came before us—we are truly blessed to have your trust and confidence. To those of you wanting to know more about The Catholic Foundation, we invite you to become part of a family of donors dedicated to the preservation and longevity of our thriving community.

Matt Kramer
President and CEO of The Catholic Foundation

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