J. Matthew Kramer
President and CEO
(972) 331-1634
Cheryl Unis Mansour
Senior Vice President of Donor Relations
(972) 331-1629
Carol P. McDonald, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
(972) 661-9794
Darina O'Dowd Padian
Vice President of Development
(972) 331-7858

Development/Marketing & Communications

R. Michael George, CFRE
Senior Development Officer
(972) 331-1637
Elizabeth G. Murray, CAP
Senior Development Officer
(972) 331-1638
Ann Letteer
Director of Programs
(972) 331-1643
Bill Kula, APR
Director Marketing & Communications
(972) 331-1636
Anna LeBlanc, CAP
Senior Development Officer
(972) 331-1630


Brenda Lenzen
Director Technology
Catherine Bell
Senior Accountant
Mary Galvin
Grants/Donor Link


Linda Scheets
Executive Assistant to the President
Anne Nicol
Staff Assistant
Amy D'Alise
Senior Staff Assistant
Sham Mohammed
Administrative Assistant