The 39th Annual Catholic Foundation Award Nomination Form

The Catholic Foundation Award honors an individual or couple for distinguished service and support to further the religious, charitable and educational needs within the Dallas Catholic community.

In 1983, The Catholic Foundation chose to recognize an outstanding person who had gone far beyond the call to service in giving time and energy for the welfare of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Since its inception, The Catholic Foundation Award has claimed the distinction of being the preeminent and most recognized annual award given to an outstanding member of the Dallas Catholic community. Each recipient is selected by The Catholic Foundation Board of Trustees for their distinguished service and support to further the religious, charitable or educational needs within the Catholic community of Dallas. The award is presented annually at The Catholic Foundation Award Dinner.

You are invited to participate in the nomination process by completing this nomination form and submitting it to The Catholic Foundation.

Nominations must be received by Friday, May 8, 2020.

If you have any questions, please call Linda Scheets at 972-331-1632.

Previous Recipients of the Catholic Foundation Award

1984 - Thomas C. Unis
1985 - Joe Fechtel
1986 - Sister Carla Dolce, O.S.U.
1987 - Steve Landregan
1988 - The Brady Center & Marillac Social Center
1989 - Society of St. Vincent de Paul
1990 - Honorable David G. Fox
1991 - William D. Barrett
1992 - Robert Sasseen
1993 - James Walsh
1994 - Louis J. Maher
1995 - Kay and Henry Neuhoff III
1996 - Pat and Neil O’Brien
1997 - Hal Tehan
1998 - Peggy and Charles Galvin
1999 - Susan Heller Stanzel
2000 - Gene Vilfordi
2001 - Beatrice M. Haggerty
2002 - Reverend Timothy Gollob
2003 - James M. Moroney, Jr.
2004 - The Rose Mary and J.M. Haggar, Sr. Family
2005 - Michael R. Corboy
2006 - Jere Thompson
2007 - Jan Collmer
2008 - J. Oliver McGonigle
2009 - Marianne Staubach
2010 - Reverend Phil Postell, S.J.
2011 - Mary Templeton
2012 - Sister Margaret Ann Moser, O.S.U.
2013 - Robert Baillargeon
2014 - Mary & Mike Terry
2015 - Edward E. Leyden
2016 - Abbot Denis Farkasfalvy, O.C.
2017 - Jane and Don Hanratty
2018 - Kevin Cardinal Farrell
2019 - Raul Estrada
2020 - Joe Dingman


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