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July 25, 2023

Flipbook Version of Annual Report Offers Enhanced Digital Reading

With gratitude to our donors past and present, the Foundation had a successful 2022 while serving as a bridge of hope between benevolent benefactors and charitable organizations. 

We share this story in our latest annual report of The Catholic Foundation that provides a comprehensive summary of the financial performance and operational highlights of the Foundation.

You can click here for an easy-to-read flipbook version of the annual report that’ll make you feel like you have the colorful and informative publication in your hands. The flipbook experience allows you to enlarge the print size for even easier reading as needed.

Inside the annual report, you’ll find three compelling stories about the community impact donors are making by sharing their financial blessings with organizations that matter greatly to them.

If you have questions about your charitable giving plans, please call us at 972-661-9792 or reach us at and we’d be delighted to assist.