Catholic Foundation Award Nomination

In 1983, The Catholic Foundation chose to recognize an outstanding person who had gone far beyond the call to service in giving time and energy for the welfare of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Since its inception, The Catholic Foundation Award has claimed the distinction of being the preeminent and most recognized annual award given to an outstanding member of the Dallas Catholic community. Each recipient is selected by The Catholic Foundation Board of Trustees for their distinguished service and support to further the religious, charitable or educational needs within the Diocese of Dallas. The award is presented annually at the Catholic Foundation Award Dinner.

You are invited to participate in the nomination process by completing this nomination form and submitting it to The Catholic Foundation.

The 2019 nomination deadline will be June 15, 2018.
If you have questions, please call Linda at 972-661-9792.


Nomination Options

There are three options for submitting nominations for the Catholic Foundation Award:

 1. You can complete the online nomination form on this page.

 2. You can download the nomination PDF form below and fill out the editable PDF and email it back to

 3. You can to print and complete the form below then submit by mail to us at 12222 Merit Drive suite 850, Dallas, TX 75251 Attn: Linda Scheets.

Download Nomination Form (PDF)


Online Nomination Form

Nominee Information

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Nominator Information

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Additional Information

The honoree will be selected based on his or her distinguished service and support to further the religious, charitable and educational needs within the Dallas-area Catholic community.
What significant contributions, accomplishments and achievements qualify this person to receive The Catholic Foundation Award?*
In what ways did the nominee affect the Catholic community and Dallas community at large, and what were the results of his or her efforts?*
List Diocesan, parish and community boards the nominee has served on, including any offices held. Please include any leadership positions held in his or her parish.*
Additional supporting information may be included below (optional).
This information is limited to the equivalent of three additional pages, double-spaced at 11pt Arial text, roughly 1,000 words or 6,500 characters.

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