The Catholic Foundation Scholars

As part of The Catholic Foundation Award Dinner, we celebrate excellence in Catholic education by honoring an outstanding high school Junior with The Catholic Foundation Scholars Award. Recipients of the scholarship are selected based on academic achievement, leadership at their school, community service and an essay entitled “What My Catholic Education Means to Me.”

Previous Scholars

1998 - Michael Greenfield, Cistercian Preparatory School
1999 - Angela Johnson, St. John High School
2000 - Melissa Ann Sepeda, Ursuline Academy
2001 - Belen Castillo, Bishop Dunne High School
2002 - Paul Kolker, Jesuit College Preparatory School
2003 - Kathryn Ball, Bishop Lynch High School
2004 - Juan Muldoon, Cistercian Preparatory School
2005 - Vincent Zimmern, Cistercian Preparatory School
2006 - Miranda Colletta, Ursuline Academy
2007 - Scott Palmer, Jesuit College Preparatory School
2008 - James E. Newby V, Bishop Lynch High School 
2009 - Victoria Ehlinger, Bishop Lynch High School
2010 - Sebastian Saldivar, Bishop Dunne High School
2011 - Lauren Marsan, Bishop Lynch High School
2012 - Paul Kim, Cistercian Prepatory School
2013 - Faith Noah, Ursuline Academy
2014 - Phong Nguyen, Cistercian Preparatory School
2015 - Maria Rossini, The Highlands School                                                                      2016-Patrick Andrews, Cistercian Preparatory School

2017-Jathrine Martinez-The Highlands School

2018 Johathan Seth de la Cruz-Cistercian Preparatory School


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