2018 Grant Ceremonies

Holy Cross Catholic Church accepts grant from Catholic Foundation at our 2018 Spring Grant Ceremony held at Cristo Rey College Prep on March 27th, 2018

Thank you to all who joined our Spring Grant Ceremony and a special thanks to our host, Cristo Rey College Prep!

        The Catholic Foundation awarded $850,000 in grants to North Texas churches, schools and community organizations during the Foundation’s 2018 Spring Grant Ceremony at Cristo Rey Dallas College Preparatory School. In addition to providing tuition assistance to families who otherwise would not be able to afford a Catholic education for their children, the grants will fund a variety of projects ranging from pertinent building renovations to the development of a SmartLab.

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St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic School was one of many 2018 Spring Grant Catholic Foundation recipients.

To RSVP to 2018 Fall Ceremony, contact Virginia Dominguez, 972-331-1641. 


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2018 Spring Grant Ceremony! 
2018 TCF Spring Grant Ceremony at Cristo Rey

 The Catholic Foundation distributes grants from funds established by donors, as well as discretionary funds like the Philanthropy Fund, from which grants are awarded to serve the ever-changing needs of the local Catholic community.

Each spring and fall, The Catholic Foundation provides grants to organizations that meet the physical and spiritual needs of the Catholic community throughout the Diocese of Dallas. Grants are made from the Foundation’s endowment, Philanthropy Fund, and some restricted funds, which include funds established by individuals or families to benefit their communities today and for future generations.

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The 2015 Fall Grant Ceremony:

The Catholic Foundation distributed grants to churches, schools and nonprofit organizations in the Dallas Diocese and throughout the country and total 2015 grants exceeded $15 million through nearly 1,300 grants.

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The 2014 Spring Grant Ceremony

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