Grantmaking from
Donor Advised Funds

While donors who have established advised and designated funds with The Catholic Foundation have legally ceded control of their contributions to the Foundation (in accordance with the IRS regulations governing public charities), Catholic Foundation donors are encouraged to advise the Foundation about their charitable distribution preferences at any time. 

Our initial conversations will focus on your personal philanthropic goals and how you hope to use your charitable fund to effect that vision.  In this ongoing philanthropic partnership, communication plays an essential role, with the Foundation informing you about unique charitable opportunities, and you, the donor, informing the Foundation about grants you’d like to see made from your fund.  Such requests must be made in writing, or through the password-protected DonorLink. Once the Foundation has verified the recipient’s qualifications and the availability of funds, a grant can be approved and the funds distributed within approximately two weeks’ time.

For more information about Donor Advised Funds, click here.

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