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Fr. Jason Cargo

“Involvement with The Catholic Foundation isn't just for those with 'deep pockets'. I enjoy the flexibility and ease of using just one account to recommend grants for all of my charitable interests.”

Despite the demands of his duties as pastor at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Richardson, Fr. Jason Cargo finds time to serve with numerous worthy organizations including TOBET, the Diocesan Committee on Scouting, the Catholic Pro-Life Committee and Hope Center.

Not only is Father Jason generous with his time and talent, he also shares his gifts of treasure, using a donor-advised fund at The Catholic Foundation to assist him. After hearing about the idea from Foundation donor Marge Giangiulio, he decided to take a look himself. When meeting with Michael George, he found that he, or anyone, can give at even a moderate giving level.

Fr. Jason is a fan of the Foundation’s online DonorLink feature to check his fund balance, review who he’s supported, make new grant recommendations anytime and anywhere, and even make donations from his cell phone.

“The Foundation’s response time is great. The accepting organization is quick in receiving the distribution, usually less than a week.”

The flexibility also extends to his charitable intentions after death, and he was pleased to learn that his donor-advised fund becomes a permanent endowment after he is gone.

“It is a comfort to know that I will be able to support the causes that were so important to me during my lifetime for years to come.”