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Margaret & Henry Hermann

“The investment results have increased the value of our Fund’s balance, making more dollars available to donate.”

As long-time members of the St. Vincent de Paul Conference at Christ the King in Dallas, Henry (Hank) and Margaret Hermann have dedicated themselves to serving the poor as an expression of their Catholic Christian faith.

When they decided to add a philanthropic giving fund to their face-to-face service, a Donor Advised Fund with The Catholic Foundation was the natural choice.

The Fund has enabled the Hermanns to separate the “funding” from the “giving” aspect of the process. They may donate into the fund at a time when tax or other considerations make “funding” attractive. And, with the funding already in place, it becomes much easier to make a “giving” decision when the opportunity arises.

The Hermanns focus on supporting programs that have the prospect of breaking the cycle of poverty, including healthcare and education. They helped students attend and graduate from both Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Bishop Dunne Catholic School. They also supported the St. Vincent de Paul’s Mini Loan Program, which helps rescue those trapped in predatory loans.

Today, the St. Vincent de Paul Pharmacy remains the Hermann’s primary focus, as they believe everyone should have the dignity of access to health-sustaining prescription medications.

Uninsured lower-income individuals who qualify for service at the pharmacy receive the prescription medications they desperately need to maintain their health even though they may lack the financial ability to pay for them. Access to free prescription medications gives them an increased opportunity for stable employment as well as a greater ability to pay for other life essentials.

The Hermanns’ experience with The Catholic Foundation illustrates the personal, spiritual and financial satisfaction that can be found when one aligns passions with giving.