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Modern-Day Cavalry Feeds The Hungry

The financial support of The Catholic Foundation helps Network of Community Ministries use its mobile food pantry program to provide families in the Richardson ISD with much needed access to food and drink. A major grant has ensured that Network staff are able to pick up and transport supplies for families in need of life’s most basic essentials.

When people are in search of food, but have little or no access, hope looks for a hero to emerge.

With the support of grants from The Catholic Foundation, Network of Community Ministries (Network) continues to play the role of a modern-day cavalry on wheels to serve the poor and alleviate hunger.

Network’s refrigerated food trucks are in active service as the faith-based, non-denominational nonprofit continues to expand its mobile food pantry program in partnership with the Richardson Independent School District.

As part of the initiative, Network regularly provides food for qualifying students and their families.

“Without the tremendous support we received for this project, our mobile pantry program would not be possible,” says Abbie Kauffman Shafer, president and CEO of Network, which provides food, clothing, utilities, rent and income support to nearly 27,000 individuals annually.

As part of its mobile food pantry program, Network picks up donations of meat, produce, frozen foods and dry goods that would otherwise go unclaimed from selected retail partners. Next, they transport them to campuses where students and families can shop in a farmer’s market type atmosphere.